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Sasuke - Hmmm


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Nice banner! That's from GSD right? :3

yes! Cagalli & Lacus :D they're both really cute but I liked Cagalli more in Gundam SEED than in Gundam Seed Destiny =/ do you like Gundam Seed? <3
Heey, Sarah :D Saw your comment on my recent post, so I'm friending you <3
Hihi Sarah~ as I already said, friended you back! :D Just wanted to let you know that I really love your LJ layout, it's so awesome! <3
Hey Sarah! Hope you don't mind if I friend you. =3 (I'm Crystal at TAFL, btw!)
Added to my friends list ^___^
^_^ yay! =D friended you back~ <3
[I've got such a ear candy from the 2nd opening of F/sn Rileeeeth T_T I want the full version! now! lol :D]
Can I read you =p ? I've found your collective on TAFL.org's message board ( I'm ~ ai ) and after I've seen that you have a LJ 8D !
sure thing! Friended you :D btw, love your livejournal layout >____> <33
Uhm... do I really need to ask? Let me just say I would be very depressed if you didn't add me back ;)
Mind if I friend you? :D I'm Marie, over at the TAFL board. Been a big fan of your collective for a while - haha, I kind of stalk your designs. ^^;

Please, don't be afraid? e_e <3
LOLz thank you :D Friended you back <33


huhuuuu *Rikku desu*

Re: x3

Rikkkuuu :D *friends you* Love your friends only pic, you know xD
Hi, it's Alison from TAFL. I added you. :D
Alisooon~ :D Added you back, thank you ^_^
Hi Sarah, it is Shalott from TAFL. I hope you don't mind that I friended you!
oh no of course not :D thank you, friended you back! ^.^
This is Chibi-chan from TAFL Boards :D *friends* Your Sasuke FO banner and Hitsu layout are awesome~ ♥
Thank you! =D *friends you back =3* ^_^
I've recently found out that Ouran High School Host Club is a great anime, and today I found your fansite with Tamaki Suoh.
He became my favourite immediately XD

So, we have at least a bit in common. Would be nice to meet new people :)
ah lolz xD~ I have to update more often *is so busy with other things & so she's feeling bad for neglecting the lord ;__;* but yes Tamaki is <33 :D
Nice to meet ya :D *adds you*

Re: hi

loolz noruuu, of course I'll add ya :D But you know, my entries are kinda boring and not really.. mhm interesting I'd say - they focus mainly on my obsessions aka animes LOLZ so I warned you! =P
Hey!!! I suppose we both love anime/manga and fangirling! xD Add me?
Hey :D Of course!! *adds* ♥
MIAOOOOO!!! Do I have to say more?
Nope, definitely not. YOU'VE GOT A LJ? O____O
Hiya there~ This is Estefania, from the AFL forums. I hope you don't mind if I add you (and perhaps you'll add me too? xD), I'd like to have more people from AFL in my flist xDD;
Esteeee! <3 Of course I don't mind, adding you back =D
hi :) hab dich eben bei merciless gesehen und fand deinen icon hübsch. da hab ich mich mal hierher geklickt und kann ja mal fragen, ob du lust hättest mich mitlesen zu lassen?
Klar :D Füg dich gleich dazu ^^

Yo, sista!

Please, please, would you be so kind to accept me in your great kingdom of glory...
You won't regret it, muhahahahahahaha!!

(I think you already know who it is...)

Re: Yo, sista!

OMG OF COURSE. /adds you ♥
Sarah-chaaaan, can you friend me??????? Onegaishimasu!!??? <3
Lol, suuureee thiing! Add me back? :DD I didn't know you've got a lj! WEE!
Hi, I'm Sarah_ from the AFL boards. Is it okay if I add you? ^^
Of course! ^_^ Adding you back :D
Hola, Sarah~! It's allenwalker with a username switch. Add me back? ♥ 8D
AH OF COURSE! Geez, should have done that before D: Added you ♥
Hi =D
I saw your LJ through Glamdreamer and I was wondering if I could friend you?

I love your Matsujun icon by the way, he looks so cute in it :3
Hey :D Sure, I've gone ahead and added you~ and sankyu! Matsu!Jun is so ♥~ <3
*sheepish* If you're not above ridiculous ranting every now and then, was wondering if you don't mind being friended? ^_^ This is Nissie from AFL, btw! ♥
Of course I don't mind ^__^ Actually, I'm doing the same *coughz* plus lotsaaa fangirling. So be warned ♥ /adds back
Yaaaaaay~ :D Added!
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Sasuke - Hmmm

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